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About Us

The Barn on 400 got its start as a dairy barn. This barn was constructed in the 1930’s by the Layton family and housed many cows during its time. The two first floor rooms, that are now our restrooms, were originally the milking rooms. In the early 1980’s the barn, original farmhouse, and surrounding farm ground was purchased by R.A. Riley. The barn held such sentimental value to the Layton family that they asked R.A. to never tear down the barn as it meant too much to the family. This was a promise that R.A. vowed to keep.

After taking ownership of the farm, R.A. took all of the milking equipment out of the barn and created the original man cave. This space became a place for R.A. and his friends to hang out, drink beer, and listen to Bluegrass music. 

In 1984, R.A. Riley’s wife had enough of the man cave and suggested they repurpose it as an event venue. The inside was remodeled and the barn then became “The Riley Party Barn,” for many years to follow. 

Years later, in 2014, Greg Couch had the opportunity to purchase the barn. R.A. Riley and Greg have been friends for years and R.A. was even Greg’s first client at his accounting firm 17 years prior. At this time the “Riley” was dropped from the name and the venue became “The Party Barn.” Over the past six years the barn has been transformed, inside and out. The Party Barn has hosted both of the Couch children’s graduation open houses, and Christy Wills’ (formerly Couch) wedding. After building the new bride and groom suits along with the fantastic outdoor ceremony space, it was decided that the name of the venue needed a little sprucing up too.

We are now a beautiful venue that can accommodate up to 300 guests for your events.

Welcome to The Barn on 400.

About Us: About Us
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